Sunday, September 18, 2005

Work: Widescreen version

This is my first effort at panorama photography. I think I still have some to learn about perspective.

What it shows is my office from my Comfortmatic Office Chair©. My wife normally sits behind me and Echeevo on the other side. Dunno where they were at the time photos were taken.

If anyone has tips on how to improve this, I'd appreciate them.


Brooks said...

how did you do this? is this multiple shots as your chair was rotating? very cool. i see our little napolito and someone from the copy desk -- bassing?

you definitely captured the chaos.

Speed42 said...

Yeah, I just took multiple shots from my desk chair using my digital camera.

Christina pointed out to me today that this week's Time has a panorama shot that seems to have similar problems to mine.

Namely perspective that doesn't match photos that don't line up. I guess there's no way around it.

BTW, I think that's Joe Crowe on the copy desk.