Saturday, September 10, 2005

Talking to God

de Cheevo tonight asked me to re-burn a CD for her. I mixed up a batch of our favorite odd songs and gave it to her a couple of weeks ago. Apparently she liked it and after losing it wants a replacement. I have a feeling it's for a particular Bright Eyes song, though. And I can't blame her, really. It's a wittily written anti-Bush song that I too call a favorite.

We got it free from iTunes (go Steve!), and so can you. It's still a freebie. Just follow this link:

1 comment:

Brooks said...

well the spammers know you are back CT!
hey, at least they are reading ... ;)

thanks for the link. i love that song. i will be loving that song in years to come when i look back at this time in our country's history.

bright eyes' main man conor oberst reminds me of an indie rock johnny cash in this song mixed in with a dash of old bob dylan. the boy makes me proud in this song, especially the line about near beer.