Thursday, July 22, 2004

First (real) Post

My first (real) post will explain the name. Pay attention. I'll only do it once.

Abnormal Aspirations.

I plan to have a heavy dose of automotive related postings. In automotive speak (without getting too technical), an engine said to be normally aspirated means no turbocharger to force air into the pistons. It's what most cars have.

Aspiration means to breathe. I hope this blog allows me to breathe a bit. To stretch my creative lungs and exhale some of the thoughts with no other outlet.

But aspiration can also mean something you hope to attain.

So on top of the motorhead type posts, you'll also be getting a healthy dose of my struggle to gain aspirations. Some of which are abnormal. Like the 1978 AMC Pacer with simulated woodgrain siding I one day hope to park in the garage. Leather seats. Sunroof. CD changer. 6-speed manual transmission. Quite abnormal.

Hang on. It could get rough.


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

starting a blog

And here I thought blogging was the last thing I would do before wearing a meshback cap in public.

So I guess if you're here, you might just be wondering what the hell I have worthy enough to post to the Internet. I'm with ya. I have little worthwhile to contribute to the vast (dog)pile of knowledge of the Net. But, heck, if you can blog about your weasel ( I can blog about my musings. So be it.