Friday, August 26, 2005

soundboard de cheevo

So, uh, hi. Remember me? Abnormal Aspirations, cars, rants, etc? Yeah, me. Um. Hi. Sorry I didn't call. Or write. Or, uh, well, anyway. How ya been?

You see, uh, I've been busy. With, uh, stuff. Yeah, stuff.

1. Got married

2. Bought a house

3. Bought a lawnmower

4. Bought a washer and dryer worth more than my first car (not saying much, actually)

So if that doesn't launch me into adulthood I don't know what will.

But this entry is meant to remedy a festering situation brought to my attention by my friend echeevo. That situation would be the lack of blog entries since September, 2004. Ouch.

But, hey, I think I have a few good excuses (see list, above).

So while there is still an absence of good blogging here, go check out echeevo's site. She'll keep ya entertained.

And I promise news soon. ;)