Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Very cool

I am a lover of retro design. Whether it be the real thing (my unnatural love for the 1956 Chevy Nomad) or for new-retro design (like my 2002 PT Cruiser) chrome-laden aerodynamic rocket-age inspired products from our past are just cool.
My dad has owned a 50s era General Motors refrigerator for years. It resides in the garage and holds drinks of all sorts (including my beer when I visit) and has run flawlessly since its resurrection about 12 years ago. I have to admit coveting that fridge from time to time.
If I had the room for another chiller, I might just write him check for it. But I imagine it's not all that efficient or environmentally friendly (much like automobiles of the same age).
So maybe this is for me.
For $3,000 I can have the retro-designed fridge I covet with the modern guts my practical side needs. It's available from Big Chill in 10 colors including Pink Lemonade, Orange (yes, just orange) and Beach Blue. My favs are Black and Cherry Red.

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Brooks said...

I would love to see this fridge in that cool 50s turquoise -- know what I mean? I love retro modern designs like this too. I would take this over a stainless steel chiller in a second. I am surprised you can't figure a way to win one. Can you test drive a rocket-propelled hummer or something? ;)