Monday, September 26, 2005

Good news travels slowly?

So we are slowly telling friends and family about our soon-to-be delivered package.

Why not shout it from the rooftops? Hmmm. Dunno. We definitely are quite excited and look forward to parenthood. So why not tell everyone we know?

I guess one reason is to surprise folks with the news. Let them discover it themselves.

I sent my friend David a link to this blog with the ultrasound photo. It sat in his email inbox for a couple of days. At my prodding he finally visited and learned our secret.

So then I asked him to post a poll on his blog ( asking what name we should give our baby. The choices were, of course, Apple, Newton, Lisa, Steve and Steve. Several of my college-days friends frequent his blog and I figured it would take only a few hours for the word to spread.

A few hours later, several people had voted. Not one questioned the reason for the poll. And at least three of the blogs' regular posters were at one time journalists. Amazing.

But they did finally figure it out and congratulated us.

Maggie and Baker have been planning a wine and cheese party for months. It was Saturday night. I had to work, but Christina showed up with some nice parmesan and a vintage bottle of sparkling grape juice. And that's when Maggie and Baker found out. Well, found out for sure. They say they've been suspicious for a while. Several other friends got confirmation that night too.

So I guess the only folks left to tell are friend and co-workers and Joey. I sent Joey a link to this blog a week ago. But he's somewhat of an email newbie. Guess I'll have to call.


David said...

Well, to be fair, it's entirely possible that people saw the poll and figured, since there was no announcement, it was something they were already supposed to know. At least one contacted me offline and asked me about it.

And, yeah, journalists should be curious, but a good journalist is always slow to reveal his ignorance. You play along, and get someone to reveal as much as you can.

Nik said...

Hey, congrats, dude. Just wait for the many joys and irritations coming your way. Life as you know it is soon to end. Yee haw!

Speed42 said...

Thanks, Nik. We look forward to all the changes. But not without a small amount of apprehension.