Sunday, October 09, 2005


When I first moved to Birmingham from Mississipppi, I knew no one. My girlfriend, Christina, (we weren't even engaged at the time) was still in Jackson. So I was overjoyed when I was invited to go out for sushi with a bunch of News staffers one Thursday night after deadline.

One of those staffers was Vivi Abrams. And she has been one of mine and Christina's good friends ever since. And Thursday night sushi became a weekly tradition.

Today, she pointed her (very) loaded down U-Haul toward Atlanta and drove off. I snapped this as she was pulling away from her house.

Vivi, you'll be missed in Bham. We all hope Atlanta is where you find your future. But we also hope you not only come visit, but that you find a house big enough to let us crash at your place.

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aviyah said...

hey I had no idea this photo was going to make me famous! I'm on the same page as Will Ferrell! Last night there was definitely something missing. I hope you guys keep up the sushi tradition. Maybe I will pop in one day :)