Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Christina and I begin filming today with Will Ferrell's crew in Talladega on "High, Wide and Handsome."

It's now 4:30 a.m. Tuesday and we have to be in Dega in an hour.

I usually go to bed at this hour.

I'll try to post later tonight when we get home to give details on the day's shoot.


David said...

Ah, very cool! Look forward to the full report.
Meet any movie stars?

Speed42 said...

We didn't really "meet" any stars. But we saw several. Will Ferrell, Michael Clarke Duncan, Seth Green. Sacha Cohen is supposed to be on set Wed., I think. Ferrell seems to be relatively friendly. While he didn't address any of us extras directly, I did see him try to use a lowly portapotty before someone pointed him toward more star-appropriate accomodations.