Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back on the blog

Once again I'm vowing to post more often to Abnormal Aspirations. But I have some changes planned. Obviously the layout is different. That's mostly because I'd screwed up the old one so bad, it was easier to just start over.

After that, there will be the inevitable posts about our family's new addition. Baby T II. We should have photos of the new little boy sometime in early May.

But I also have plans for more non-family posts. While I'm still writing for Autoblog and Engine Block, I still have thoughts on the automotive world that don't fit either of those two venues. The first post to fall under this heading will be a review of the 2009 Dodge Journey. It should be ready to read sometime this week. After that we'll see what happens.

Thanks for hanging with AbAsp.

Correction: I started writing the Dodge Journey review before this post, so now that it's live, it shows up below. Enjoy.