Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More Mustang Mania

In my profile (upper right of the screen), I say I want to write for an automotive magazine. Any will do. It doesn't have to be one of the better ones, it could even be one of the less-respected rags.

Unfortunately, most of the top rack magazines are in Michigan where temperatures sometimes dip below -90 and it snows year-round and the sun never shines. Except in the summer (July 3-July 5), of course, when it's 150 degrees.

So I've been seeking other outlets for my thoughts on all things automotive.

While it's only a "reader report" (i.e. - this guy sent us a story and photos for free, heck yeah we'll run it!), I got a story and photos on Hey, it's something.

1 comment:

polytician said...

Great story and even better shots of the 'stangs. I miss mine already!

I REALLY appreciate the shot of the California Highway Patrol Mustang. The CHP just hasn't been the same since they replaced the mustang with the Camero. (They keppt loosing the mustangs on winding roads during chases)