Saturday, June 03, 2006

Auto additions

Adding two more vehicles to the list of possible future Tutor family conveyances.

The Mazda CX7 is officially a crossover vehicle but is, uh, about the same size as, uh oh, many midsize SUVs. IMO, it's sleek, sexy and oh so desirable. Unfortunately, it gets about 18 mpg on premium only and is on the far upper end of what we're willing to pay. Will and I drove to Trussville today to check one out. VERY sweet interior. Couldn't drive it due to having Will, though. Maybe next time.

And the other vehicle is the much more practical, economical and liberal Mazda5. It's basically a small minivan/tall wagon. But it looks cool, has lots of interior room (three rows of seats!) and gets about 26 mpg hwy. We drove one back before Will was born and I remember a somewhat favorable impression. No sports car, but nimble for what you get.

Again, we're open to suggestions, opinions, etc.


Sarah McBride said...

I'm not quite sure about the future of these crossovers. But I found this crossover and it sure looks good.

Speed42 said...

Thanks for the tip, but I'm afraid Tata won't be selling cars here in the States for a long long time.