Saturday, March 18, 2006

This is only a test...

It was certainly a very interesting Friday, yesterday. I woke up with a 103° fever and Christina awoke with contractions. Yep, it felt like the baby was trying to come out. Of both of us.

So after a brief argument over who was in better shape to drive (I remember such arguments in college, too, but for entirely different reasons.) we decided Christina's vision was less blurry her head spun at slightly fewer RPMs than mine. So she drove.

At the hospital, I'm sure we were a sight. Christina moaning in pain at the contractions every three minutes, and me slumped in a chair seemingly indifferent to the whole thing. Little did the nurses know, my nonchalance had nothing to do with caring. I was just incapable of standing up.

Anyway, we obviously didn't have a baby Friday. Which is just as well because neither of us was wearing green. That just would have been bad luck.

Christina's doctor sent her home and said the contractions would either stop or get worse. Thank goodness they've stopped. I wouldn't want her to go through that for the next two weeks.

So we had a bit of a wakeup call. And we're now making last-minute preparations around the house for the soon-to-arrive little one.

And, thankfully, my fever broke late Friday night and I'll be able to greet my first child with more than an ashen face and a weak moan.

Stay tuned for updates.


aviyah said...

what a night! Next time call a friend!!! I'm a little far but I'm sure there are a lot of people in town who would much prefer driving you to hearing about such shenanigans. anyway hopefully you'll stay nice and healthy until the birth. I'm glad you are feeling better and that Christina is okay!

Nik said...

Good luck! It will all work out.