Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Woz is

Anyone who knows me, knows I revere Steve Jobs. He's a genius. I never wanted to grow up to be Jobs, though. He's generally thought of as a total asshole.

But I've never given much thought to his early partner, Steve Woz. I always thought of Woz as that guy who helped start Apple. Who went on to found several other, much less succesful companies and a nice guy. Woz was.

But after reading this column by Leander Kahney, I think I might actually want to be thought of like Woz. He seems like my kinda guy. A little geeky. Somewhat idealistic. Loves kids (his and others). Gives generously to charity. Just a nice guy.

So my opinion has changes somewhat. Woz is.


David said...

Yeah, reading iCon made me wonder what things would have been like if Woz had stuck around after his airplane accident long enough for Steve to get booted. What would his role in the company have been?

Or, in another what if, what if it had been Woz instead of Jobs that returned to Apple a few years ago?

Jonathan said...

Shame, shame... taking other peoples images.

Speed42 said...

I borrowed. Well, they should be happy now. The image of Woz is gone.