Sunday, February 26, 2006

Reality Bites

I thought "Survivor" was bad TV. Then "Fear Factor" proved it could get worse. Now I think the lowest TV has ever gotten in the history of electrical entertainment devices is "Skating With the Stars." I've have to admit, no, I have to proudly proclaim, I've never seen an episode of "Skating With the Stars." But I think I can come up with better:

Top Ten Reality Shows That Couldn't Be Worse Than "Skating With the Stars":

10. Making Mashed Potatoes With the Stars
9. Survivor: Homewood, Ala. Wal-Mart
8. Nanny 90210
7. Watching Paint Dry With the Stars
6. Trading Spices
5. American Cars Idle
4. Who Wants To Marry an Ex-DotCom Millionaire
3. The Biggest Remote Control Loser
2. Couch Swap
1. Waiting in Line at the Post Office With the Stars


Wade said...

Three words that will change your opinion: The. Amazing. Race.

It starts tonight at 8, and it's the best.

David said...

Man, I would totally be down with Survivor: Wal-Mart.

I would be way more likely to watch that than any real season of Survivor.