Monday, January 09, 2006

Detroit News

Even though most of the (semi-)regular readers of this blog are not as nuts about cars as I, AbAsp was intended to be a mostly automotive-targeted site.

And, in the world of gearhead geeks, this is a most holy of weeks. This is the time of year many of the world's manufacturers roll out their latest creations and their wildest dreams in sunny Detroit at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).

Since many of you have been somewhat sheltered from all the auto show hoopla, I'd like to ask a favor. I'm gonna post some of the more notable new cars and ask you for your feedback on them. Comments, critiques, etc. are most welcome. You may not know a B-pillar from a c-clamp, but any comments you make will be most interesting to me.

So, here's the first one. It's the Buick Enclave. About the size of a full-size SUV and can seat six. Expect it to have a V6 engine and a somewhat luxurious interior. I'd guess it would sell for about $30k-$40k. Whatdya think? Would you consider it if you were shopping for a new car?

These images, btw, were blatantly stolen from AutoBlog. If you ever want to know the newest and geekiest stuff about cars, there's your source. Thanks AutoBlog!


David said...

My review: Eh.

aviyah said...

gas mileage?

that's both a comment and a question. I'd not be likely to buy an SUV unless it did less damage to health than my ULEV Honda... if the auto makers are still making SUVs that don't take the environment, public health and gas prices into account, (and I don't know about this particular one), that would be dumb and shortsighted.

I don't care about the other stuff you mentioned. It looks pretty enough, but whatever. Not worth the price.

Speed42 said...

OK. So not as much excitement as I expected.

I actually found this to be an exciting announcement. I'm with Vivi on the anti-SUV sentiment. I don't like getting run over in traffic by them, don't like breathing their exhaust and generall think they're rather ugly.

This Buick is (in my opinion) at least somewhat attractive. If the quality's there, it should be a very good addition to GM's lineup. They sure need it.

Lain Hughes said...

From what I read, the industry is moving away from SUVs and towards "crossover" vehicles of moderate size. I like the wood in this one.