Thursday, January 26, 2006

Car shopping with George

We all know President Bush and I don't get along. He won't return my calls, I cringe when his name is brought up in social settings. I didn't even get a Christmas card from him this year.

So with all this angst between us, I was quite surprised to see we actually agreed on something.

Mr. Bush says American car companies can save their own asses just by making decent products people actually want to buy!


Then, of course, Mr. Bush went and said something totally stupid.

Anybody wanna guess how long it took me to find a link that fit in that last sentence? =)

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aviyah said...

I'm not planning on watching the State of the Union address, because there's only so much bunk a person can hear in one night, but I was happy to hear that Bush is at least talking the talk when it comes to alternative energy sources and plans to focus on that during the speech (politically savvy too considering what else is going on in the union). Another check in the "can be sensible on rare occasions" column.