Monday, November 14, 2005

Baby News

We had our latest ultrasound Monday afternoon.

The doctor says everything is right on target. Mom and Baby T are at the exact weight and size they should be.

And, we found out the sex.

But we're not telling. =)


Nik said...

I predict... it's a Tutor!

David said...

I look forward to when we learn the gender instead of having to call it "it" -- I'll be glad not to have to refer to the baby as a neuter Tutor.

On the flip side, if you go ahead and buy the child its first Mac now, it'll be a neuter Tutor computer.

Brooks said...

The suspense is killing me! Here these two are in a newsroom full of people that need to know the facts and we don't have this crucial detail. Of course we are all happy to hear that Baby T is looking good.
Names that have been thrown around the newsroom and some of my personal favorites:

Mustang Sally (or Sal) Tutor
Mac Tutor
Lil' Reb
PT Cruiser Tutor

aviyah said...

My sources told me the gender. ;)

Christina said...

Your source just thinks he knows the answer. We'll neither confirm nor deny.

aviyah said...

Come on, Enzo, now you're playing coy?

Oh, are they threatening to shut you in the bathroom with the cats? In that case... HEY C AND C: ENZO TOLD ME NOTHING.