Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Car Quest

So we're casually looking for a larger car to replace Christina's Toyota Corolla. Nothing wrong with the little sedan, it's just, uh, little. Once we get a stroller in the trunk, it's done. There ain't nothing else going in there.

We're not totally sure we'll buy any time soon, just doing some early shopping to weed out the cars that won't fit in our family. We're open to suggestions, anecdotes, experiences, etc.

Here are some of the cars that have fallen by the wayside early in the shopping game...

Dodge Magnum
Christina and I loved this car for its loads of horsepower and plenty of room. I didn't like its very thirsty engine and higher-than-we-like cost. Christina had trouble seeing out of its tiny little back windows.

Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe
Stylish wagonesque hatchbacks with lots of personality. We probably won't even drive them since they look way too small on the inside.

Ford Focus Wagon
Christina drove the Focus sedan when shopping for the Corolla. She just plain didn't like the car. I wasn't a big fan despite most car magazines going nuts over it. Plus, it's a Ford.

Cars still in the running:

Dodge Caliber - I drove it Monday, Christina hasn't yet.

Honda Fit - I've driven it, Christina hasn't but likes the looks of it.

Volvo V70 and V50 - Looked in one, but that's it. Should be able to get a used one affordably.

Volkswagen Passat wagon - ditto the Volvo.

Mazda 6 Sportwagon - A contender, but no test drives yet.

Subaru Outback/Forrester/etc. etc wagons - Still confused about which one's which.

Chrysler PT Cruiser - Sure we already have one. But it fits us great. Why not two?

Honda Odyssey - a longshot, but still a possibility

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Nik said...

I've been extremely happy with our Subaru Forrester (they sit on the same frame as the outback, but are taller and roomier is the main difference). Had it over 7 years now and nary a problem with it. And it's not some huge gaz guzzler but still pretty roomy.