Thursday, April 13, 2006

Free Fifties

Go to and sign up to get a brochure about their Lincoln Zephyr. If they ask when you plan to purchase your next car, answer sometime in the next 6 months or so.

Within a few weeks, you should get an invitation to test drive a new Zephyr. If you take Lincoln up on the offer, they'll pay you $50. 

We just got our invitation and will be making $50 in diaper money shortly.

Oh, btw, we've done this several times with about five other dealers and so far the only catch is you have to spend some time with a car salesman. Just tell them the car was crap, you have no intention of buying it and get him to sign the certificate you brought along. cha-ching.


Wade said...

I'll pay someone 25 bucks to go do this for me.

Brooks said...

Thank you Wade.
I am feeling the same way.

Where are the pictures of Will and all his doting aunts and uncles (even the ones that hold him like firewood)? We should all be blogged :)

much love,
The Aunt B