Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Animal control

Our house has an amazing gadget. It's a Domestic Animal Control Device. It works like this. If you want your domesticated animals fully alert and active, you set the guage near 100. If you want them calm and cuddly, set it around 60. The animals just love curling up with us on the couch and, amazingly, each other. They're so cute when they aren't shredding the rug or chasing each other around or chewing on the plants.


Christina said...

I'd like to report that today, for the first time ever, Callie (a k a Mean Cat) sat in Chris' lap for 10 minutes without growling or biting! Bring on the cold!

David said...

I hadn't noticed the link to your blog, Enzo, before your comment here.

Excellent work. Glad to see you're far more prolific than many human bloggers I know!

Now what you need is a webcam.